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Floyd and his father alongside Floyd Senior's plastering company and the inspiration for FMD: Floyd L. Mize.

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Floyd Mize Drywall is a traditionally family-driven businesses that laid down its roots as early as 1977. After working on various homes in the Los Angeles area, 26 year old Floyd decided to take his father’s construction knowledge and his personal interest in entrepreneurship and make the leap into owning his own business - and it worked.   


Beginning with a team of under five, the crew began by taking on smaller jobs such as household drywall repair. But right under his feet, the business was gradually building itself up bit by bit. Before he knew it, Floyd had a wife, a family, and a desire to grow FMD in a location just as family-driven as the company. 


By 1988, Floyd had moved FMD to San Luis Obispo and was turning it into not only a fully functioning business, but an established drywall source throughout the community. Around this time Casey, Floyd’s brother-in-law, was beginning his freshman year of high school and already making his way into the work. A few years later, Casey officially became a partial owner and FMD went from a small family business to a blooming, multifaceted company. Now, the company welcomes Project Manager, Gary Bayus, to develop FMD throughout the community even more. 


Flash forward to today and the business is striving more than ever. With new talent such as Britani, our Administrative Director and Gary Bayus adding insight into the company, they are now working on everything from home and restaurants to local various local businesses including but not limited to their largest endeavor yet: Hotel SLO and Santa Maria Toyota. 

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